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Dental Reviews in Philadelphia, PA

Pink toothbrush - Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA
I recommend Dr. Gera with no hesitation. I'm not a fan of going to the dentist. Until I got my first real job with insurance about 15 years ago, I was going to a sadist/perfectionist who despite his intense efforts didn't make me feel like he was giving my teeth the proper care. So I started going to Dr. Gera and even though I now live in South Philly, I still go to him. Dr. Gera is a gentle professional. You know that realization you get when you witness someone doing something exceptionally well? Like when you eat a one-of-a-kind meal from a talented chef, or look at an exceptional piece of art that seems simple. There's just something there that is above the ordinary. I view Dr. Gera's work in that way. Today I had to get bonding applied to two teeth. This involved mostly everything I don't like about dentists: needles and drills. But I experienced no pain or discomfort (a sign the doctor knew how to expertly apply the novocaine so that it numbed the entire area and not just the exact spot needing work), he told me what he was doing at each step, and he got right to work and finished quickly. If you're leery of dentists but realize you need to get that work done before your teeth fall out of your head, give Dr. Gera a try.